About me - art and background

I am educated in visual art at the Royal Academy of fine Art in Denmark admitted at the age of 18, and subsequently educated in TV production and technology.

From 1986 and until about seven years ago I was working with tv production, digital tv and new media where the visual art have been more in the background, today the visual art have gained full space working with paintings and three-dimensional art - but I still have link to the digital media working as independent consultant.

In my art I work with constructive dynamic sculptures and mobiles in metal and abstract painting, where movement, balance, movements are recurring themes inspired by dance, music and nature.

Ceramic art at Chr. Poulsen studio, 1970
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, 1971 - 1978
- School of Wall and Space Art at Professor Robert Jacobsen
- Master of fine Art - MFA, 1978
Diploma of Education - Dip. Ed. 1979

Remisen, Bande, 2022
Gallery KBH Kunst in Copenhagen, 2020
Gallery Lowlands in Copenhagen, 2019

First separate exhibition in Gallery 13, Birkerød in 1973
Debuted at gallery Rubin and Magnussen in 1972
Exhibited at numerous exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, especially in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Major artistic assignments:
White sculptur i polyester, Ålestrup Rosenpark - 1973
Painted iron sculptur, Brande municipality - 1975
Aluminium sculptur, Albertslund municipality - 1977
Linköbing Lens museum - 1978
KØS museum, Køge - 1980
Two big painted iron sculptures, Roskilde County municipality, Himmelev gymnasium - 1982

Travel grant, Academy of the fine Art - 1977
Christen Dalsgård's grant - 1977
Research Scholarship, Ministry of education - 1984

Peter Mølsted working with restoration his sculpture

Peter Mølsted working with restore  his sculpture "Dancer in the wind" in Brande 1975 / 2018